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Title: Palm Beach Deadly (Charlie Crawford Mystery Book 3)
Author: Tom Turner
Genre: Mystery, Murder, Fiction

Book Blurb

Catch up on Charlie Crawford and Mort Ott as they try to solve their new murder case. Knight Mulcahy makes 40 million a year on his top-rated radio show trashing people. Until the night he’s found down at his pool house tryst pad with his skivvies around his ankles, a bullet in his heart. Enter Palm Beaches finest homicide cops Charlie Crawford and Mort Ott, who proceed to go in circles as the suspect list ramps up close to double digits.

Sin, scandal, murder… if you’ve read Nasty and Poison, you know the drill!

Kirkus Reviews said,“Readers who enjoyed the previous two installments [of the Palm Beach series] will welcome the return of Charlie Crawford, still cynically charming and dashing,” and went on to say, “Deadly delivers an entertaining, and amusing, ride.”

About The Author

A native New Englander, Tom Turner dropped out of college and ran a Vermont bar ... into the ground. Among other ill-advised gambits was hiring Bennington College girls as go-go dancers. After limping back to college to get his diploma, Tom became an advertising copywriter, first in Boston then New York. After ten years of post-Mad Men life, he made a radical change and got a job in commercial real estate. Not long after that he ended up in Palm Beach, buying, renovating and selling houses along with collecting a lot of raw material for his novels. On the side, he wrote Palm Beach Nasty, its sequel, Palm Beach Poison, and a screenplay called Blood Red Sea. While at a wedding a few years later, he fell for the charm of Charleston, South Carolina, and moved there. Recently, wandering Tom moved again. This time, just down the road to Skidaway Island, outside of Savannah, where he just completed a novel which is set there.


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