Book Review: Fatal Destiny (Grace deHaviland Bounty Hunter Book 1)

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Title: Fatal Destiny (Grace deHaviland Bounty Hunter Book 1)
Author: David DeLee
Publisher: Dark Road Publishing
Pages: 360
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Thriller

Rating: 4/5

Fatal Destiny by David DeLee is the first book in the Grace deHaviland bounty hunter series. An action oriented book right from the start, it is sure to satisfy the thirst of every thriller enthusiast. Without any delay, let's get down to my take on the book, shall we?

Grace deHaviland, an ex cop, is now a bounty hunter whose case is to find a Barry Keegan, who has jumped bail and is absconding. That's what  Grace does, that too with confidence but when a co-defendant of the case is found murdered, things take a nasty turn. Grace, along with her close friend, Suzie (a cop), realize the situation is not as simple as it seems. Barry Keegan, on the other hand, has a sole motive. Leave the city with his wife and child, leaving behind the false charges he is being accused of and also, his past demons. Grace's job was to hand Keegan over but when he brutally attacks Suzie, she is hell bent on finding him, even at the risk of being arrested. 

Grace deHailand is the main character and she is a strong one. A female bounty hunter who does her job with ease and kick ass style. I loved her! The character is so real because she also displays her weaknesses, her emotional side. Barry Keegan comes off as a bold and stubborn character who can't have his family at risk. He wants to save them by all means. Along with the other supporting characters, the story takes a complete shape.

Fatal Destiny is a fast, action packed thriller. With Grace, the reader is taken along an intriguing ride of strange happenings. It is an absorbing story with never a dull moment. The narrative is excellent, fast paced and gripping. With the inclusion of some twists and turns, it is a good thriller that will not allow you to put the book down.

A recommended read for mystery/thriller lovers.

*** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***


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